Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prague (Praha)

Prague is a place that everyone looks forward to when they hear about it. But why? Because it’s like a dream, and many people wish they could go there.

However, what kinds of constructions does Prague have? There is the imperial palace, tower, and square etc. But the most monumentially and glorious construction must be the castle. When you stand on the balcony, the breath taking view includes the red special roof, some tall trees with green branches ,leaves, and white vapour that make you feel like you are in paradise. Even though Prague is full of people, you can still see people’s individual motions clearly. Aren’t those the most grand and marvelous views?

If you have a chance, you can stroll down the street and have a coffee at the café beside the street to enjoy the beautiful city.

After seeing these beautiful and marvelous scenes, would you like to go yourself? Let’s check out this amazing city!

By Vineeta :))

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