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Activities and Attractions on Gotland
Gotland has more to offer than limestone stacks safari and lazy days on the beach! Amongst the activities you´ll find everything from diving, cave exploring, golf, wind surfing, shooting and ocean kayak to horseback riding and kite-flying. Other attractions are the steam train railway and the Christmas market in Visby. Gotland offers almost unlimited resources of leisure and recreation for you to discover!
Yearly Events
Every week, there are always events going on on Gotland. From variety shows and the kite festival to big events like Round Gotland Race, organized by The Royal Swedish Yacht Club and the Medieval Week. Gotland Organ Week in the Cathedral St Mary of Visby is a week of organ music with concerts in the Cathedral and in the parish churches in the countryside. Other musical events are the Vadstuck Rock festival, the Gotland Chamber Music Festival with many international artists and the international Gotland Country and Folk Dancing Festival.There are many motor sports and racing events on Gotland. Gotland Grand National dirt bike competition in Tofta is Sweden’s biggest motorcycle competition. Gotland Ring is a multifunctional state-of-the-art motor facility. Many other events are organized every year on the island of Gotland.
Adventure and Sports
Horseback riding, nature trails, boat hire, ocean fishing, hiking areas and trail biking. The list of adventure activities on Gotland is very long! Stångaspelen, Gotland’s very own “Olympic Games”, is a competition in Gotlandic sports with activities including tossing the caber and the Gotland pentathlon. Also, golfers have many courses to choose from.
Beautiful Coastline and Silky Sand Beaches
Beaches lie within cycling distance and the ride along the cliffs is easily worth the negligible cost of renting a bike. If you get really tired, you can even take your bike on the bus. Gotland has many sandy beaches but also stony coastlines. Relax by taking long walks along the beaches. By the way - Gotland has Sweden’s sunshine record.
Arts, Museums and Theatre
During the summer the Roma Theatre ensemble performs Shakespeare’s plays in the monastery ruins of Roma. For more theatrical performances - visit the Gotland County Theatre. Other places to visit are the Gotland Museum of Fine Arts, the Muramaris artist villa and Bottarvegården, a cultural centre in the south of Gotland. Close to Visby are two car museums and in Havdhem there is a museum with vintage Farming vehicles.
Discover Our History
Gotland has many historic monuments, museums and ruins of churches and abbeys. More buried treasures have been found here in modern times than anywhere else in the world. The Historical Museum of Gotland shows treasures from the Viking era. Here you will meet the island´s 8000 years of very rich history with stories of brave medieval knights and Gotland’s last pirate. Another very special museum is the stone quarry museum in Bläse. All museums have guided tours.You can also learn about the history of the Vikings at the Viking Village, one of many exciting historical activities in the Gotlandic countryside. Also, the island has almost one hundred medieval churches, one in every parish. Take a guided walk through enchanting Visby and hear the city's tales and legends. The Visby Tourist Information Center sells tickets to sightseeings.

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