Thursday, March 5, 2009

French art

For practical purposes, the history of French art has been divided into a series of separate articles accessible through the template to the right. The template also gives direct access to French art category indexes, such as alphabetical lists of painters or sculptors. To locate artists from a particular period or art movement, the relatively comprehensive manual list of painters and artistic movements in chronological order is recommended. In addition to a brief historic overview, some supplementary or general material is included on this page, including art vocabulary and general French art references.
French art consists of the visual and plastic arts (including architecture, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics) originating from the geographical area of France. Historical surveys of French art typically begin with Pre-Romanesque art, Romanesque art, and Gothic art, but some surveys, such as André Chastel's French Art, include discussions of prehistoric art, Celtic art, and Roman art within France.

by Cathy

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